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Kiki Magical Story Sack

Kiki Magical Story Sack

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Kiki Magical Story Sack is based on the best-selling book, "Monkey Puzzle". This book is praised for its engaging story, vivid illustrations, and themes of family, friendship, and perseverance.

Kiki Magical Story Sack includes a 100% pure cotton sack and the following items:

  • 1 Monkey Puzzle board book
  • 1 Monkey rattle in brown color
  • 1 Pear rattle in teal color
  • 1 Spider rattle in purple color
  • 1 Butterfly rattle in pink color
  • 1 Elephant rattle in blue color

This Story Sack is perfect for young children and provides a fun and interactive way to engage with the story of Monkey Puzzle.

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